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Our offer include embroidery on:
- shapes – pockets, legs, front and rear parts, etc.
- long fabrics – all kinds of table-cloths, etc.
- complete clothes and products – T-shirts, hats, jumpers, bags, backpacks, blankets, etc.

We are experienced in production of:
- school and companys’ emblems (including coat of arms)
- name badges
- uniform badges and emblems (uniformed services, etc.)
- 3D embroidery.

Total cost of each embroidery project consists of two main factors:
- cost of embroidery program development (so called ‘mould’) – single cost
- cost of embroidery work – single pattern cost.
Cost of each embroidery depends on the number of single needle strokes of the embroidery gear which reflects amount of the thread and time used for the process.

It is possibile to have ‘mould’ development free of charge for the major orders!
The number of colours used for each pattern does not influence the price providing that maximum 9 colours are used. Maximum area of the pattern is 450x360 mm.

In order to get an exact cost evaluation of the particular embroidery please provide following details on e-mail wojdud@wp.pl
- graphic project (we accept cdr, jpg, pdf, and others)
- sort of the fabric or final product
- dimensions of the pattern
- number of single units (patterns).

All offer requests related to embroidery service should be sent to e-mail address